About Our Company

Welcome to Samirika Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Established around in 2011' as Royal Fab, we started our noble profession in the field of fabrication and have dealt with several complicated and time bound successful projects within no time, now with a fine set up area of 5,000 sqft for production alone. Initially a project is done by designing and detailing by high-tech and highly skilled engineers by incorporating the most latest technological design software matching Indian and international standards. However big and complicated a project is our engineers will successfully face the challenge. Our philosophy and trend is to build a qualitative product, back it up with great service, and erect every building right and flawless on the first moment itself. The Samirika Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. focuses on quality and service results in metal building systems with solid advantages including fast-response design and estimating software, more detailed drawings , fewer components to erect, complete steels buildings delivered in time, and faster completion schedules. Samirika Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.’s proud on fast and detailed erection after approval, permitting anchor bolt drawings after clarification.

Samirika Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. archives a variety of standard design such as AISC, and many others to suit customer needs of a Pre-Engineered Building at any place under the Sun. Our engineers can design steel building kits to meet all seismic, wind and snow loads throughout the country and abroad. Samirika Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. provides complete design-build services as well as installation. The design-build approach, beginning with the initial planning phases, can maximize project value and savings. And, with Samirika Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. pricing, you can be fully prepared in the design stage. Samirika Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. consistent efforts in research and development have positioned the origination as a lead winner in introducing innovative ideas and products in market place. We seldom try to deliver a cheapest building across the market, because you achieve what you pay for. Instead, we always deliver a top quality building at a very competitive price.

We have complimented our strategy of providing single point responsibility for supply and erection with highly motivated and trained in house project management team to handle projects, whether it's small or big, simple or complex.